Diamond Buttoning:

This type of Upholstery is know as Craftsmanship Upholstery. For very few Upholsterers know how to free hand deep diamond button.

It is a form of Upholstery which isn’t commonly shown in today’s workplace, it is an art form of Upholstery here in Australia. Overseas it is practiced from a Traineeship level. Myself I spent my first 5 yrs doing Diamond Buttoning for a company called Chesterfield House (Hunter Valley Furniture) in NSW by an oldMaster Craftsman from England by the name of Keith Tarry. Who mind you started Chesterfield House in 1981 and has only handed down the name of Chesterfield House down to me and my son in recent times. So we can look after all your Diamond Buttoned Furniture including Chesterfields, Antiques, Tubs, Wing backed chairs, Chaise lounges, Dinning chairs, Bed Heads and Upholstered beds and so on.

Frame Making:

When Making our Classical Chesterfield Frames we only use selected Grade Kiln Dried Hardwoods and to do our bit for the environment we select plantation farm grown hardwoods.

Picture Below 3 seater Chesterfield Picture Below Nepoleon Swivel


We also use a Domino doweling system for our frames. it is much stronger than say a double doweling system or even a timber biscult system as there is less stress on the timbers and less chance of timber frames splitting.

Picture Below Domino Dowel joint

NEW Domino jointed frame

Some of our Production Methods

Picture below Hand Studding 1 by 1 Picture below Full inhouse Sewing


Picture below we make our own buttons inhouse using the same leather as the furniture

making buttons a